Getting Stuck

One thing about me, is that everyday is an adventure. I left my six figure office job a little over a year ago to really focus on my business. Was I crazy for doing that? Probably. However, there is never a dull moment.. ever!

I always have a millions balls up in the air with Wildcatters, inventory, scheduling shows, growing my team and the list goes on.

I also have a million things going on in my personal life such as building a home, helping my husband with his businesses, trying to stay healthy and workout (I took a six month break on that one) and just making sure we can make it through each day without getting wound up about something.. (actually, I get wound up or fixed or obsessed with things everyday and can’t let it go.. my personality)

So being that my personality is very type A as well as obsessive or control freakish.. I’m about to tell you what happened to me yesterday which should be a lesson to me.

I mentioned that we are building a house somewhere down in Texas <—(did y’all see what I did just there lol). The house we are building is basically on a rocky cliff. There are tons of boulders at the bottom of the cliff. The house has temporary doors in place until we can put the new doors in. I have been “fixed”, or “obsessed” with trying to find the perfect furniture. So yesterday, I decided to go out to the house and measure some walls. I had my lil tape measurer with me and was all swinging it around. Anyways, I get out there and I noticed that there was a chain on the front door with a lock. I thought well that is weird and I don’t have the lock combination and my husband was playing golf so I knew he wouldn’t answer if I called. I then decided to walk around back because I knew they hadn’t put the doors in yet. I just needed to figure out a way to climb up the 10 ft wall of concrete  – by the way, I am only 4’11.

So I started gathering rocks and boards and piling them all up so that I could try to get a head start on climbing the concrete wall better.. I swear this is not a political post. I was wearing flip flops as usual and stepped on something sharp.. not sure what it was but regardless, I sliced my toe open and blood was everywhere but that didn’t stop me from trying to climb. I finally, FINALLY, made it. The ONLY two problems were, my rock pile that I made to stand on, fell and I noticed that they DID put the back doors on and they were locked!!!! I was STUCK!

I couldn’t get down off the back porch because I was 10 feet up in the air and I couldn’t get into the house because they had put locked doors at the back of the house earlier that day and my husband just didn’t mention that part.

I stayed on the porch for three hours until my husband could come rescue me. THREE! It was pitch black and my phone had died before he got out there. I saw flying insects, killed three spiders that were on their way to get me and I saw a few bats right before dark but yes, this really happened. My husband was dying laughing and video taping me sitting in a ball on the back porch.

This day was so much more fun than sitting in an office!!!






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