Spring Is In The Air!

I haven’t blogged within several months. I really don’t know how people find the time to keep up a consistent blog. I know it is good for marketing purposes but my gosh!

So let’s see,

in the past year, my husband and I have sold our house, we moved into a tiny rent house just to find out it was too tiny for all of our fur babies and ourselves, so we found another rent house and moved into that, just to move again here shortly when our home is finished being built.

We have been working on building our home and that is definitely a project. It is a hard project. Honestly, I don’t have the patience it takes to go over colors, and paint swatches and all that jazz. Which is probably why, I accidentally picked out the same color for the stucco, the trim and the roof and now the house is all one color..oops!

In the meantime, back at the farm,

Wildcatters has had a great year! We were able to set up at Holiday Ole, and the San Antonio Rodeo which were two goals! We have hired some pretty amazing reps, and we will be set up at Round Top this spring so looking forward to that!

I am constantly hiring amazing talent to come on board and help spread the Wildcatters Love!

What else is going on, oh-we added another fur baby two the family..actually two. We now have Junior the hospital cat and Bobbi the bunny. Junior was found in the bushes at Hill Crest Hospital in Waco when I went to visit my sweet Pappaw who was not doing well. Junior was with his stray momma and his sisters and brothers who were all wild..except for Junior. Junior came prancing out like he already knew he wanted me to take him. He must of been about three weeks old, but I stuffed him in my purse and now he has the best life ever!

Bobbi on the other hand, is a dwarf lion head rabbit. Someone was selling her in the parking lot of CVS for $25.00 so of course I had to buy her and take her home. She is really shy but loves all of the cats and even Bucky our yellow lab. She roams around the house as she pleases and is litter box trained. She is quite adorable.


That is it for now! Always stay tuned for more randomness




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