What coding?

Oh my goodness, what a week or should I say two weeks, its been.

It has been crazy busy around these parts of the woods lately. My hubby and I have been working on putting our home up for sale. With that comes, re-doing flower beds, fixing things up in the house, painting, power washing things the list goes on..

In between trying to get the house ready and just dealing with everyday noise, I feel like we have been running around like two chickens.

On a more consistent note, Wildcatters is growing everyday which I am so excited. I finally came to some sort of cross roads with my boutique. After thinking about it and prayer, I decided that it was time to hire some reps to join the WCB team.

This week, I have hired a total of five gals which they will each start on June 13. I have been in the process of looking high and low for a new POS system that could accommodate my needs and help me get better organized because anyone that has a boutique knows that things can start accumulating quick and before you know it, you can’t keep up with all of it.(tangled coat -hangers everywhere, plastic bags where the inventory came in, boxes, invoices, tape, you name it..EVERYWHERE). As far as organization and finding a new POS system, I decided to first start with my website. My good friend, Jason built me an awesome website back last summer (wow, its been a year already? Blows my mind) any who, I was using PayPal as my commerce -Don’t judge, I KNOW! Paypal, buttons, I mean, what was I thinking? I could only handle that for so long. I wanted to find a company that offered a structured e-commerce solution where I could integrate it into my already-existing website. I looked and looked and looked and even looked some more and NOTHING. I cannot tell you how many people told me, “oh you cannot do that because e-commerce sites are technically their own websites so you would have to start all over”. NO, this is NOT what I wanted to hear, I mean there had to be a solution out there somewhere, after all, this is 2016. I would google “e-commerce sites that integrate with existing websites” and a few companies would pop up that looked promising. I filled out all my info for one company just to find out that it was an Australian company with NO contact number on the site. I had to “open a ticket” if I had a question which is basically an email and wait for them to respond. By the time I would get an email from them, It would be 3 AM in the morning or something crazy like that so I finally had to say no thanks and keep looking. I was bound and determined to find a solution. That was when I turned into geek mode for like two hours and started reading up on some coding forums. That is where I found a company called ECWID.com. They were the ones..the chosen ones! This company was everything I had ever hoped for and more..they offered answers and even better, they offered solutions to all of my inner challenges <—ok , sounds a little dramatic BUT that is basically how I felt. I was beyond excited. Y’all just don’t know how much research I conducted to find this piece of gold. So after signing up, I built or should I say I am in the process of building a strong e-commerce site to integrate with my already existing website. I sent over the coding to Jason and BOOM just like that, he had it up and running in no time not to mention, his creative side took over and he made my website site look even more kick-ass! This has been my focus for the past week. When I am focused on something, NOTHING else gets accomplished until I finish whatever project I am working on. I cannot wait to have my awesome reps start, and start using my website more.

That is really it y’all..nothing too cray cray this week. Stay tuned.





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