Survived the weekend

This past weekend was awesome but long. We survived the weather at the Llano Crawfish Open with little to no problems.

It turned out to be a great turn out and we really enjoyed meeting with everyone! I also somehow managed to buy a baby bunny while I was there. I am such a sucker for animals. This poor rabbit has so many names because we cannot decide on one specific name. I just call her bunny and my husband calls her bebop. I would say her legal name is Rio Llano Bebop the Bunny. She is too cute and don’t be surprised if you see me rollin around with my mobile boutique and Bunny! Good thing we are building a bigger home for all of our critters! Two cats, two dogs, and now a rabbit- INSANE!

As far as Wildcatters Mobile Boutique goes, we have a ton of Home Parties coming up starting this weekend. We are getting in a lot of new arrivals so we are so excited! A lot is in the works for us. Can’t wait to share some exciting news for Wildcatters.

Hope everyone has a great week! Pictures of Bebop the bunny will be posted soon!


Rio Llano BeBop the Bunny



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